Is Cash App Legitimate?

If you have been trying to find out “is Cash app legitimate?”, then you will have to check this post out to prevent yourself from a long time of research.


Is Cash App Legitimate?

YES, Cash app is a legitimate app that will allow you to do peer-to-peer money transfers, buy or sell goods, invest in stocks, and receive your paycheck through a direct deposit from your employer. The app is from a reputable American company called Square Inc owned by Jack Dorsey, the owner of twitter.


Is Cash app Real?

Someone asked me the other day “Is Cash app real”? My answer was straightforward. Yes, Cash app is real because all the transactions you carry out on the app are like the transaction you do at your traditional bank. The history of your transactions with the amount, date, and other details can easily be tracked.

In fact, before you can carry out transactions and use all the features of the app you need to verify your account. If your account is verified by Cash app you will be very limited on what you can do on the app.

Therefore, nothing can be faked on the Cash app. 

Is cash app legit for stocks?

YES, Cash app is totally legit for stocks as no one can trade on the platform without having a Cash App Investing account which requires that you be a US resident, at least 18 years old, and have Cash app verify your following 5 details:

  1. Your full name
  2. Your Date of Birth
  3. Residential Address in the US
  4. SSN
  5. Your Employer’s details and status of Employment

This is a personal brokerage account. You cannot create a Trade on Margin account, like mutual funds or options for now on Cash app. In addition to this, Cash app does not collect any commission on your traded transactions. This is a zero-commission-based platform.


If you are asking,

Is Cash app A Good App?

It all depends on what you expect from Cash app as a good app. If you are looking for a good peer to peer money transfer app, that gives you more feature like no other, Cash app is definitely one of the 3 best (Cash app, Paypal, Venmo), if not the No 1 app in the US.

I Know what you are thinking,

Is Cash app Reputable?

Yes, Cash app is reputable for now in the US and the UK only, unlike Paypal that is popularly known and used all over the world. This is probably due to the fact that Paypal was created in 1998 while Cash app was created in 2013.

As at Mars 21, 2021 Cash app has 36 millions active users.

Is Cash app Safe?

As mentioned above, Cash app is legit and safe for all. You cannot carry out important transactions on Cash app without Cash app verifying and confirming your personal details first. Cash app does this to ensure transparency, legitimacy, and safety.

Meanwhile, do not provide your account details like your 07 routing number to anyone promising you’re a reward in return.

Keep in mind that, scammers use this method to claim funds on behalf of governments agency on

In case you are thinking of receiving your paycheck through Cash app, make sure you provide the right cash app routing number to your employer.

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