YNAB Vs Mint: Everything You Should Know

Are you still wondering “YNAB Vs Mint, what should I go for”? No worries if your answer is YES, as this article is going to be of great help.


What Is YNAB?

A personal financial software tool, YNAB stands for You Need a Budget and is compatible with desktop computers, iPhones and Android phones, iPad, Apple Watches, and Amazon Echo.

Every dollar has a job, according to YNAB. Each dollar has a defined function, such as vehicle insurance, long-term home repairs, or college funds. The application encourages users to budget for monthly expenses to minimize impulse purchases and break the pattern of living paycheck to paycheck.

If a user exceeds their planned amount in one category, the app suggests transferring cash elsewhere. Users are encouraged to save and watch their money grow.

How To Use YNAB Effectively?

If you want to know the best way to use YNAB to avoid being someone that keeps ignoring their finances, keep to these 9 budgeting practices:

Get YNAB on your smartphone.

Accessing your budget and approving transactions is a cinch now, no matter where you are. The easier it is to form a new habit, the more likely it is to stick.

Make good use of your thumb.

When you unlock your phone, what is the first app you open? Use YNAB instead of the app icon on your home screen.

When you have transactions to approve or overspending to cover, keep the red notification dot on so that it appears on the YNAB icon. If you see a red dot in any of these places, you know it’s time to get rid of it. One app you should get attached to is your budget.

Take advantage of an already-established routine.

Using a behavior that you currently perform on a daily basis is the most effective technique to get into the habit of doing something new. I check my budget, authorize transactions, and cover excess while sipping my coffee in the mornings. Because I will never, ever forgo my daily cup of java.

Plan your budgeting time and place.

Note it. Mark your calendar. Set an automated reminder in your digital task management. Making a clear plan for when and where you’ll do something, like exercising, voting, or a colonoscopy, increases your chances of really doing it. Budgeting, it seems, is significantly more enjoyable than a colonoscopy.

Combine budgeting with a hobby.

Maybe you balance your accounts while enjoying a favorite delicacy, a favorite program, or a favorite beverage. Temptation bundling is a great technique to create any habit.

Keep track of your “YNAB Zero” days (no overspent categories).

It’s Jerry Seinfeld’s Don’t Break The Chain approach. Keep track of your YNAB Zero days on a calendar. Post the calendar where you will see it daily. The longer your streak, the more determined you are not to end it.

Is YNAB Easy To Use?

YNAB’s account setup is straightforward, but learning the monthly budgeting process might be a bit of a challenge for newbies. The YNAB system encourages you to allocate your income in advance rather than relying on your bank balances to determine how much money you have left for the month.

Mint Budget app

Mint is a free budget planning tool from Intuit that connects all of your financial accounts inside one digital environment, giving you a high-level snapshot of your financial condition.

Users may also use the app which is available on Android, iPhone as well as Windows phones to keep track of their expenditure and savings, as well as establish and monitor budget objectives.

YNAB Vs Mint Cost-Based Comparison

When it comes to budgeting apps, YNAB is more expensive than Mint because it requires a membership cost after a free trial period. Instead of the 30 days, YNAB gives customers a 34-day free trial, allowing them to utilize the software for a whole month and still have a few days left over for end-of-month to take a decision. You may pay $14.99 a month or $98.99 for the year if the free trial convinces you to sign up for a premium membership.

Because it’s free, many people are drawn to Mint, despite the fact that their accounts and transactions are interrupted by adverts and offers. In order to optimize the perspective, some of them can be blocked off, but others are fixed in place.

Features Comparisons

YNAB and Mint both include financial management tools, but Mint has a broader selection. YNAB’s exclusive focus is on budgeting, and they do it really well. Unlike Mint, YNAB does not provide additional money management tools.

With Mint, you can keep tabs on your credit report, keep track of your assets, and see a breakdown of your overall financial situation.

What Makes YNAB Different?

In my opinion, YNAB is one of the greatest budgeting applications out there since it pushes you to look ahead and plan in which direction your money will go.

Even yet, it’s not the only option for creating a personal budget. Mint, Honeydue, Mvelopes, Personal Capital, and PocketGuard are likely rivals if you’ve been looking for the finest budgeting software.

Is YNAB or Mint Better?

Mint is free and preferable for people who like automatic budgeting alternatives, while YNAB is better for those who prefer to take a more active part in their money and are ready to pay the fee.

Is YNAB Worth The Money?

Other budgeting applications are available, both for free and for a little fee. I recommend these applications if you don’t have much money to spend on premium apps at the moment.

It is estimated that the typical YNAB user saves $600 in the first two months as well as more than $6,000 in the 1st year after downloading the app.

YNAB, on the other hand, is jam-packed with useful functions, so it’s possible that you’ll find it well worth the money.

YNAB Cost: How Much Is It?

For the first 34 days, YNAB is free to try (no credit card necessary), but after that, the annual subscription fee is $84 per year. There is a monthly fee of $11.99 if you wish to pay less upfront.

Is Anything Better Than Mint?

Using Personal Capital in place of Mint is a simple and straightforward solution. You may use it for free in the same way that Mint does, and it has a far wider range of features for tracking and analyzing your money.

If you have a bank account, you may link it to Personal Capital’s mobile app. After linking your accounts, the dashboard provides a comprehensive view of your finances.

What Is The Difference Between Mint And YNAB?

YNAB does not give you access to your credit report as Mint does. What sets YNAB apart is its yearly fee of $98.99, as opposed to Mint’s nothing. YNAB, on the other hand, provides a no-question-asked money-back guarantee and a free trial for 34 days.

Is Mint Still The Best?

On the App Store, Mint is the most popular financial app, with a rating of 4.8 stars out of 5. The app has a Google Play rating of 4.5 stars.

Can I Trust YNAB?

There is bank-grade or superior encryption used to transmit all data between your computer and YNAB. YNAB will not let your computer communicate with our servers until an encrypted connection is established.

Is It Safe To Link Bank Account To YNAB?

YES, it is. YNAB protects user accounts and financial data using a variety of security methods. The most recent encryption and login technologies are only a few of the safeguards measures you can find somewhere else.