Are you wondering what is a cashtag? Maybe it got you confused with an instagram hashtag. If you need a clear definition of a cashtag you need to read this post.




What is a cashtag?

A cashtag is a personal and unique name that you use to identify yourself either as an individual or a business on the cash app platform to carry out your transactions. After creating an account with a cashtag, you will get a custom link that is specific to you. Your link will look something like this:$yourcashtag

What is the unique cashtag link for?

Your custom link will allow you to receive payment securely and privately from your family and friends.

How to choose your cashtag?

You need to be very careful when choosing your cashtag. Your cashtag must contain at least 1 letter and cannot be longer than 20 characters. Also, you are allowed to change it only twice. You can re-use your old cashtag anytime if you want.

If you are a public figure or a celebrity and verified your account, you will find a blue badge near your cashtag.

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