Walmart Capital One Card

Walmart Capital One Card

Walmart Capital One card is expected to offer a lot of values to cardholders who do most of their shopping daily at Walmart with its flexible redemption program and great reward rates on convenient purchases like grocery and others.

While there is no yearly bonus, the average yearly rewards are about $215 and the APR is between 17.99 and 26.99%.

let’s check what the cashback rates is like …

Cashback Rates

  • 5% cashback on purchases, including grocery pickup and delivery orders
  • Cashback on Walmart in-store purchases after the introductory time period is 2%
  • 2% cashback on all gift cards purchases at Walmart (xWalmart Pay, app, online, or in stores)
  • cashback travel orders and restaurants 2%
  • 1% cashback on any other orders
  • Sign-Up Bonus
  • 5% cashback on in-store purchases for the first 12 months when using Walmart Pay

You are probably wondering, what is in it for you, right?

Benefits At A Glance

  • Excellent grocery reward rate if you order online.
  • Select which gas stations you prefer in the 2% bonus category.
  • There is no minimum to redeem rewards.
  • No foreign transaction fees.
  • Rewards do not expire.
  • A card issued instantly after approval through the Walmart app.
  • Easily apply using your phone via the Walmart app or text message.
  • Includes Capital One digital tools.


  • The APR is high compared to most rewards cards.
  • No introductory APR on new purchases.
  • There is no cash refund option in the form of a check or direct deposit.

It Is Better Than Most Co-Branded Cards

 Walmart Capital One card is an excellent choice for online purchases thanks to its generous card cashback rate on purchases at and the free in-store pickup option. It is a convenient and flexible cash back card that could offer a lot of value to regular Walmart customers. Its reasonable APR and hassle-free exchange program also sets it apart from many other store-brand cards, which tend to be much more restrictive.

If you are a regular Walmart customer and are willing to do most of your shopping online, the Walmart Capital One card could be a great addition to your wallet. However, if you prefer the flexibility of comparing prices, it may be better to opt for a general rewards credit card that is not specific to a particular store.

Excellent cashback rate for online purchases

One of the main selling points of Walmart Capital One Card is its impressive 5% cashback rate on purchases at This matches the rate offered by other popular co-branded cards, such as the Target Red card and the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card

But unlike the Target card, which offers a 5% discount on Target online and in-store purchases, and the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa, which offers a 5% discount at Whole Foods stores, Walmart Capital One card offers in addition to the same 5% a 2% discount if you buy in the store.

Also, your card will earn you a 2% discount at Walmart brand service stations and at Murphy USA service stations. While Walmart Capital One Card outweighs Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature card (which offers a 2% refund at all gas stations), it beats the REDCard as Target does not sell ‘gas.

Do not forget that you are also getting a 2% discount on all restaurant and travel purchases and a 1% discount on all other purchases. These fees are fair, but trivial compared to many other credit cards with no annual fees.

Flexible Exchange Options With Walmart

Unlike many store-brand cards, which limit how much and what you can redeem, the Walmart Capital One Card offers a flexible and refreshing reimbursement redemption program. Cash Back is available outside of Walmart, no minimum refund is required, and Cash Back never expires.

While there is no option to request your cash refund in the form of a check or direct deposit, you can redeem it for credit on your statement, at at checkout, for gift cards, or book trips through the Capital One travel portal.

As a co-branded card, you can also take advantage of Capital One Shopping Eraser, a unique savings tool that will come in handy if you spend a decent amount on travel. The Purchase Eraser tool allows you to use your rewards to “erase” qualifying purchases, including flights and hotel stays, as well as Uber trips, UberEATS orders, public transportation, and more.

Is The Walmart Capital One Card Worth It?

The Walmart Capital One Card is a good option if you do most of your home shopping at Walmart, and is especially useful if you’re ready to order groceries online. While a general rewards card will offer more flexibility, the Walmart Capital One grocery cashback rate is hard to beat without paying an annual fee.