Trying to get Victoria Secret Giveaways? Are you a US resident? If your answer is yes, then read on. But before anything else, let’s find out some basics about the company.

What Is Victoria Secrets?

Victoria’s Secret is US-based underwear, clothes, and beauty seller recognized for high presence marketing and branding, beginning with a popular directory and also followed by a yearly fashion program with Angels, the popular models. Since the 5th month of the year 2020, the company owns 1,070 stores, spread all over the USA. 

How To Get Victoria Secret Giveaways

In case you are wondering how to get Victoria Secret Giveaways, these are the conditions you need to meet:

  • Reside in the USA
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a valid email address
  • Enter here

Maybe you want to know,

How To Check Victoria’s Secret Gift Card Balance

In the event you are looking for how to check Victoria’s Secret Gift Card Balance, here is how to go about it.

  • Go to the Victoria secret gift cards page
  • Scroll down to the middle of the page
  • Under Check Balance, enter your gift card number
  • Now, enter your Gift card PIN
  • Hit the “Check Balance” button

Alternatively you can also call the customer care on (800) 270-8999 to get you the balance on your card

Victoria secret gift card redemption

Victoria Secret gift card redemption is quite simple if you follow the following instruction from the company itself. Remember that you can make use of your e-gift card or gift card at the time you are checking out on the website to buy products only. You cannot use it to buy another gift card.

In case the amount of what you are buying is higher than the one of your gift cards, you will need to complete the transaction with your credit card.

It is allowed to use up to 10 gift cards for 1 transaction.

How To Track Victoria Secret Order

There are 2 ways to track Victoria Secret orders:

If you are a registered customer

  1. Go to the Victoria Secret order Status page
  2. On the left Insert your email and password
  3. Hit the “Secure Sign In” Button
  4. Enter your order number

If you are a new customer

  1. Go to the Victoria Secret order Status page
  2. On the right enter your email and order number
  3. Hit the “View Order Status” button

Even though you do not have your order number you can use the confirmed email related to the purchase to call customer care on (800) 411-5116.

Does Victoria’s Secret Have Any Coupons

Yes, Victoria Secrets, has coupons that can enable you to get free shipping on your order, extra 25% discount with free socks, and much more. I recommend you check out GivingAssistant for further details.


To have an opportunity to get Victoria Secret giveaways you need to be living in the US, at least 18 years old, and ill a short form.

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