The Supreme Court Has Agreed To Consider Biden’s Proposal To Cancel Student Debts.

The executive order signed by President Biden that forgives the debt of millions of American borrowers in the field of education has been challenged in the United States Supreme Court, and the Court has consented to hear the case.

The court said on Thursday that it will take up arguments on the bill during its sitting in February of 2023. The court’s decision to hear the lawsuit means that the order blocking the White House from providing the stated debt relief will remain in effect for the time being.

The case was first submitted before to a 3-judge panel of the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals by six state attorneys general led by Republicans. They argued that the action required, but did not get Congressional permission and that their future tax collections would endure gaps if the relief went forward, and they were successful in obtaining an injunction that barred the executive order from ever being implemented.

A district judge had previously ruled that the states too lacked standing, a legal notion that bars non-impacted parties from launching lawsuits, and thus had dismissed the case. The current administration of Vice President Joe Biden is likely to take this matter back to the Supreme Court for further review.

Biden used the HEROS Act from 2003, which was passed to help service veterans and their families, to make the debt cancellation offer to those who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan.