St George Bank Home Loan: What You Need To Know

In This review, we will answer all St George home loan questions so that you can be well informed before making your decision.


What Is St George Bank

St.George Bank is a Sydney-based Australian bank. The institution has been a part of Westpac since its 2008 merger after previously existing as a separate legal entity.

The institution is a retail bank that is one of the most competitive and offers fantastic home loans for people who are looking to buy their first home, invest in real estate, or refinance to a higher interest rate. The goal of St. George Bank is to establish itself as the most reputable and recommended lender of mortgages.

St George Bank Home Loan 

St George Bank loan may take up to 6 weeks before approval with a lot of paperwork. Their rate is 5.46% per annum. Although St George Bank is known for its high levels of client satisfaction, award-winning products, and knowledgeable financial advisors, make sure to do your due diligence well.

St George Bank Home Loan Rates

St George Bank home loan rates are categorized in 3 different sections:

  • Owner Occupier rates for new loans
  • Residential Investment rates for new loans
  • Existing Home Loan Rates

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St George Bank Home Loan Rate

St George Bank home loan rate depends on what the loan is going to be intended for. Do you want to buy a home you want to live in or rent? The rates are based on the following factors:

  • Owner Occupier rates for new loans
  • Residential Investment rates for new loans
  • Existing Home Loan Rates

As a result of the decision made by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) to raise the official cash rate, St.George has decided to increase the variable interest rate on our house loans by 0.50 percentage points per year (p.a.). This change will affect both new and existing home loans.

On Wednesday, July 20, 2022, these adjustments to the variable rate will become effective.

 St George Bank Home Loan Calculator

Before using the St George Bank home loan Calculator make sure you have decided on the purpose of the home you are planning to buy. If it is intended for rent, AKA an investment home loan, you will be paying at a higher interest rate. click here to start calculating

 St George Bank Home Loan Contact

To Get a home loan from St George go ahead and call 29 155 7800

How Can I check My home Loan Account?

If a person has any questions regarding their finances, including their home loan, they can phone the number 1860 419 5555 to check the status of their loan.

How long does St George mortgage approval take?

St George’s mortgage approval takes a bit longer than expected. You make need to wait for up to 6 weeks and with some paperwork.

Is St George Bank now Westpac?

When St. George and Westpac Groups amalgamated on December 1, 2008, St. George contributed around 30 percent of the merged firm and created Australia’s largest financial services organization with a “AA” credit rating.

St George Bank Home Loan Reviews

Most applicants that end up getting a mortgage loan from St George Bank are satisfied but complained about the paperwork and the long procedure that may take up to 6 weeks.

St George Bank Home Loan Refinance

In case you have already got a loan from another lender, you can still talk to St George Bank for a refinance.

It is also possible to borrow additional funds against your current home through a home loan increase, commonly known as a “top-up.” It’s possible to boost your home loan maximum to access additional funds if you’ve been making timely payments on your mortgage or if the value of your home has increased. Learn more here.

St George Bank Home Loan Approval Time

The majority of applicants who end up securing a mortgage loan from St. George Bank are pleased with the outcome, although they have expressed dissatisfaction with the amount of documentation required and the lengthy process, which can take as long as six weeks.