Payoneer: Everything You Should Know

Payoneer: Everything You Should Know

Are you trying to open a Payoneer account, because you live in countries where Paypal does not allow you to receive your freelance services’ earnings? If you say YES, then this post will save you a lot of time for research and googling.

So, let’s first I’ve out some basics about the app.

What Is Payoneer?

Payoneer is a Us-based financial services company that offers online digital payment services, online transfers and gives its clients loans to move their businesses forward. The company specializes in promoting international B2B repayments. It offers transnational purchases in more than 150 local currencies as well as 200 nations, with its international wire transfers, and refillable debit card solutions.
Account-holders can send and get funds using an e-wallet, an online checking account number in a regional currency, or a loadable prepaid MasterCard debit card. You can withdraw the money you receive to your local bank account very easily. 

How To Create A Payoneer Account Worldwide

This is how to go about creating your payoneer account no matter where you live on the planet:

  • Click the “Sign Up And Earn $25” button
  • Hit the drop down arrow on the search bar
  • Choose the way to earn the money to be paid into payonneer
  • Follow the remaining Instructions

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