Survey Junkie Canada, Australia, USA – Is Survey Junkie Legit?

One of my friends just asked me “is Survey Junkie legit and safe” and I thought I would write a review on the survey company after doing my thorough research. Sites that pay you to take online surveys, watch videos, or play games, are all appealing, right? But finding legitimate rewards sites that truly pay may be a nightmare. Before getting into the nitty-gritty of the topic, let’s learn some basics.


What Is Survey Junkie?

Survey Junkie is an online survey company created in 2005 by the market research company DISQO and located in California in the USA. It pays its users to disclose their opinions on financial products, technology, consumables, and political issues. Each survey corresponds to a particular number of points, which can be exchanged for cash or gift cards.

How Does Survey Junkie Work?

More than 11 million people have joined Survey Junkie’s online community to share their opinions. Companies rely on input from individuals like you and me when developing new products or making improvements to existing ones. When it comes to a company’s decision-making, your voice is critical to the process.

Participate in surveys that you find amusing. Then, use your points and cash in on your savings.

It’s a simple process. You’re compensated for using your opinion to make a difference.

For you to register with Survey Junkie, you need to be at least 16 years old and either live in the US, Australia, or Canada. If you meet those requirements, then you can provide your email and your other valid details to sign up.

Upon sign up, you will receive 100 points, which corresponds to $1, and you have to earn an extra $4 for you to cash out.

Is Survey Junkie Safe

Yes, Survey Junkie is safe. They only keep the information you provided with your own consent for making the right business decision for their partners.

Does Survey Junkie Work In Canada

Yes, Survey Junkie works perfectly in Canada. In the event you are at least 16 years old, you can sign up here and start earning cash and rewards for your opinions.

What If I Forgot My Password?

If You Misplaced Your Password, This Is What You Need To Do

  • Visit the Survey Junkie Site
  • Put your email address in the email field.
  • Then click “Retrieve Password” to recover your password.
  • You will receive an email with information on how to reset your password if your account has existed before.

How much Can I earn?

Taking surveys will not make you wealthy. Completing surveys on Survey Junkie can pay anywhere from $2.00 to $5.00 per hour, according to your demographics. On Survey Junkie, though, doing surveys isn’t the only method to get money.

You’ll also be invited to participate in focus groups to earn more money. Consumer feedback are needed by Survey Junkie, and it is willing to pay for them in order to make key client-brand decisions.

Is Survey Junkie Legit?

In case you are wondering “is Survey Junkies Legit?”, let me tell you that it is a perfectly legit way to make money online. You won’t get rich with it, but you can rest assured that you won’t be duped.

It will make you some extra money to supplement your bills, despite the fact that it will take some time. Furthermore, Survey Junkie payout transfers to participants’ bank accounts are secure.

Survey Junkie Canada

Do you live in Canada and are interested in Survey Junkie? If you say YES, and are at least 16 years old, you can enter Survey Junkie here and start earning rewards and cash for your opinions.

What Is Survey Junkie Payout?

In the event, you are wondering what is Junkie minimum payout, then keep in mind that on Survey Junkie the minimum is 500 points corresponding to $5.

How Can You Redeem Your Rewards?

Depending on your country and verification status, you may be able to redeem your rewards using one or more of the following methods once you’ve acquired a minimum of 500 points:

  • Giftcard from the most prevalent brands
  • or through Paypal

How Much Does Survey Junkie Pay

Participating in surveys isn’t going to make you rich. You can earn between $2.00 and $5.00 an hour by completing surveys on Survey Junkie, depending on your demographics. However, completing surveys isn’t the only way to earn money on Survey Junkie.

The opportunity to make more money through focus groups is another perk you may look forward to. Survey Junkie is ready to pay for consumer feedback so that it can make valuable customer decisions.

How Long Does Survey Junkie Bank Transfer Take

 A bank transfer may take up to two days to appear in your account after you have redeemed your points. These are e-gift cards that never expire, and they can be used at any time.

How Old Do You Have To Be For Survey Junkie

To take part, you must provide a working email address and verify that you are at least 16 years old. That’s all there is to it! It will be necessary to fill out a quick profile about yourself after signing up. Remember to go to to sign up for a free account with the company. 

 How To Get More Points On Survey Junkie

Take the best-paid surveys on SJ Pulse, complete your profile, answer worthy questions, be honest in your answers, set an income objective and be patient, you’ll get there eventually.

How Legit Is Survey Junkie?

Survey Junkie is an authentic survey website that has received largely positive feedback from users. If you use this platform to complete surveys, you can be sure that you will receive the incentives that have been promised to you given that you satisfy the prerequisites.

Is Survey Junkie Better Than Swagbucks?

Based on experience the Survey Junkie platform is more beautifully designed than that of Swagbucks. In addition to that, the rewards system is easy to understand, and Survey Junkie screening process is superior to that Swagbucks. It is not easy to make a significant amount of money using any of these sites, but if you want to give it a shot, Survey Junkie provides a more enjoyable experience than the majority of the others do.

Does Survey Junkie Pay Well?

You may get between $2.00 and $5.00 per hour doing surveys on Survey Junkie, based on your demography. Although surveys are a primary means of monetization on Survey Junkie, there are other options available. You may also be invited to participate in focus groups.

How Much Does Survey Junkie Pay Per Survey?

You may make as little as $0.20 or as much as $3.50 for every survey, depending on how long it is. Various consumer items are the usual subject of these polls. There is no set time limit on how long a survey should take. There is typically less compensation for shorter surveys. If earning $3 per survey is something of interest to you, click here

Survey Junkie US

In case you live in the US and are at least 16 years old you can enter Survey Junkie right here to start earning cash and rewards for your time.

How Long Is $50 On Survey Junkie?

It will take you about 10 to 12 hours of completing surveys depending on your geo-location to achieve approximately $50 on Survey Junkie. You can try Pinecone Research to earn at least $3 per survey if you qualify.

What’s Wrong With Survey Junkie?

Very few survey-takers had the most trouble withdrawing their money from Survey Junkie due to their inability to confirm their identification. If you do not want to suffer the same fate, it is recommended to provide your details accurately from the beginning.

Does Survey Junkie Steal Your Information?

No, they do not steal your information. Survey Junkie clearly stated

We are committed to protecting your privacy and ensure that we do so at all times in line with 

Survey Junkie

Keep in mind that SurveyJunkie is a market research firm looking for responses from the general public. And they’re prepared to pay for them so as to make strategic judgments for their client businesses.

Is Survey Junkie Safe For Bank Transfer?

Getting money from SurveyJunky is risk-free. But while you can’t get your payout from SurveyJunkie directly to your bank account, you are allowed to get it into your own PayPal account. From Paypal you can initiate a transfer to your bank account.

What Is The Best Survey Site?

Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, Inboxdollars, and Pinecone Research and Lifepoints are the leading survey sites generally in tier 1 countries. Out of all of them, and based on experience Pinecone Research seems to be the one that pays the most per survey (at least $3 per survey), but it has some restrictions. Click here to see if you qualify.

Does Survey Junkie Pay Through PayPal?

WithSurvey Junkie, you may choose to be paid through PayPal or receive gift cards to popular merchants such as Amazon, Target, and Starbucks through Survey Junkie. You will need a PayPal account in order to get the money rather than the gift cards if you choose this option. Both receiving and transferring money through PayPal is a simple process.

Survey Junkie Australia

If you live in Australia this is what you need to do before signing up for Survey Junkie:

Why Does Survey Junkie Need My Address?

Survey Junkie needs your address to prevent “prevent dishonest activity.”. In other words, they need to confirm your details that they are true before paying you.

Why Does Survey Junkie Need My ID?

Survey Junkie needs your ID for a one-time verification tool for its panelists, and to increase the safety of both Survey Junkie and its users.

How Can I Get The Most Money From Survey Junkie?

Do not sign up with multiple fake emails. You will lose your money if you are caught doing so. The best thing you can do is to fill out all surveys available and accurately. The more surveys you fill the more they will send you surveys to fill.

How Much Can You Make A Day With Survey Junkie?

If you fill out surveys for about 8 hours you will be earning roughly $30 per day at the rate of about $3.5 per hour. In the event you are interested in earning at least $3 per survey, check out Pinecone Research

Does Swagbucks Pay More Than Survey Junkie?

Swagbucks seems to ay better than Survey Junkie because it gives a $20 sign-up bonus and you still have other good ways to make more money with Swagbucks than with Survey Junkie. Out of the 2, Pinecone Research pays the most, but it has some restrictions. You may try Pinecone Research if you qualify.

Is Survey Junkie A Waste Of Time?

It all depends on what you want. If you have spare time, you can monetize it with Survey Junkie or Pinecone Research if you want the most out of your time.

What Is The Best Paying Survey Site?

Pinecone Research remains the best-paying survey site with a minimum reward of $3 per survey. You can earn up to $35 per survey on Pinecone Research. The only caveat with Pinecone Research, differently from other Survey sites, is that it doesn’t accept everyone. You may try Pinecone Research if you qualify.

How Do I Qualify For More Surveys?

All you have to do is to provide your true details and not miss any of the surveys suggested to you. The more surveys you fill out, the more surveys will be available to you to fill out.

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