Is Pinecone Research Legit? Let’s Find Out

You may have googled Is “Pinecone Research legit” if you’re looking for a way to make some extra money online. But is it really worth your time? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Pinecone Research, and what kind of opportunities are available through the platform. We’ll also explore the pros and cons of working with Pinecone Research so that you can decide if it’s the right option for you.


What Is Pinecone Research?

Pinecone Research is a leading company in voicing consumer opinions across the country. Pinecone Research was founded in 1998 and is owned and operated by Nielsen, a marketing research firm. Nielsen uses feedback to help companies build new and better products and services.

Pinecone Research is a market research firm with offices in Canada, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom. The panel enables consumers in these countries to have a say in which products find their way to the store.

Your ideas will directly affect tomorrow’s brands if you participate in the Pinecone Research online studies, and you’ll be compensated for the same!

Is Pinecone Research Legit

Yes, Pinecone Research is legit not only because it has an A+ BBB rating but because according to Wikipedia

“Nielsen operates in over 100 countries and employs approximately 44,000 people worldwide. The company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange”

Pinecone Research US Sign Up: How To Go About It?

If you are interested in signing up with Pinecone Research, even though only 1 person per household is allowed, this is what you need to do:

  1. Click here to fill out the form 
  2. Hit the Sign Up Now button
  3. Input the verification code received from Pinecone
  4. Then check if Pinecone research has sent a profile survey mail
  5. Complete your profile survey
  6. And, you will receive a confirmation as a Pinecone Research panel member

Pinecone Research UK Sign Up

If you live in the UK and are interested in signing up with Pinecone Research UK so that you can get paid to test products before they hit the market, you need to meet one last requirement: Be between the age of 18 and 34. If you meet the requirement, then sign up here

Pinecone Research Canada: How To Sign Up

In the event, you are considering joining Pinecone Research Canada, you only need to meet 2 conditions to be accepted. 1. Be a resident of Canada 2. Be between the age of 18 and 34. If you meet those requirements, you can sign up here

How To Login To Pinecone Research Website

To login to Pinecone Research Website, this is what you need to do:

  1. Click on the Pinecone Research members’ link here
  2. On your top right click on the Log In green button
  3. Provide your user ID and Password
  4. Click the LOGIN button
  5. Tick the Remember Me box below for next time easy access

How To Join Pinecone Research

If you want to join Pinecone Research, even though only one person per household is permitted, follow these steps:

1. Fill out the form by clicking here.

2. Press the Sign Up Now button.

3. Enter the verification code obtained from Pinecone.

4. Next, see if Pinecone Research has mailed you a profile survey.

5. Finish your profile survey

6. You will also be notified that you have been accepted as a member of the Pinecone Research panel.

Is Pinecone Research Real?

Yes, Pinecone Research is real. Although the research company does not accept everyone, they do pay those that are accepted to be the members of their panel for product reviews and surveys done. Most survey participants testify that they have one of the highest payouts in the industry. Click here to join

Does Pinecone Research have an app?

YES, Pinecone Research does have an app that is downloadable from the App store and the Playstore as well.

Does Pinecone Research Pay Through Paypal

No, Pinecone is no longer paying through PayPal and is now paying only through electronic bank transactions. Virtual Mastercards and Amazon Gift Cards are also available through this service.

Does Pinecone Research Pay Cash

Yes, Pinecone Research currently pays cash only through electronic bank transfers. You can also get paid through an amazon gift card and a virtual Mastercard.

Pinecone Research: How Does It Work?

On the Pinecone Research platform, you will get the opportunity to leverage 3 different services to get the most of out the research company.

Is Pinecone Research Legit

1. Pinecone Research Surveys

It’s clear that the main way to make money from PineCone Research is through survey participation.

Survey participation is entirely at your discretion, and it is your decision whether or not to participate.

If you don’t engage in the surveys often enough, you might be kicked out of an exclusive survey panel with very few members.

A warning email will be sent if you are in danger of being removed, allowing you time to become more active instead of being removed abruptly.

PineCone Research surveys can indeed be beneficial since they pay substantially.

At least $3 will be paid for each survey, which is a better rate for a survey.

Online surveys are currently rewarded with points for members. Each survey is worth 300 points, which may be redeemed for the following items:

Direct electronic bank transfers or a prepaid Mastercard can be used as forms of cash. Payment of 300 points ($3) as a minimum.

Amazon gift cards, Walmart gift cards, and Target gift cards are all examples of gift cards that can be purchased. This is a new prize choice that has just been added!

  • a wide range of goods and rewards
  • Donations to charity

Note that Pinecone is no longer accepting PayPal payments and is now only accepting electronic bank transactions. Virtual Mastercards and Amazon Gift Cards are also available through this service

2. Pinecone Research Sweepstakes

As a member of PineCone Research, you have the opportunity to win some fantastic gifts through frequent contests.

For example, they have quarterly and bi-weekly sweepstakes. A total of $18,000 will be awarded to the lucky winner of the quarterly sweepstakes, which includes a cash reward of $4,500.

One lucky participant will walk away with $500 from a total prize fund of $13,000 every two weeks. There’s no harm in hoping for a little additional money from it, though.

If a specific sweepstake is available, you can discover the rules and regulations on PineCone Research’s website, although they may differ from one to the next.

3. Pinecone Product Testing

This implies that in exchange for your comments, you will be allowed to try out new items that have not yet hit the market.

In most cases, you get to keep the product you tested, which may lead to some very unique things at your disposal.

Being a PineCone Research participant, you’ll be the first to know if this ever happens. In the event that you are presented with this opportunity, I highly recommend taking advantage of it because the rewards and worth often outweigh the time commitment.

Is Pinecone Research Available In Nigeria

No, Pinecone Research is not available in Nigeria. However, if you are looking for an awesome international survey platform that accepts Nigerians, then you need to check out Zoombucks which is also a good alternative to explore

Pinecone Research Germany: Join Now

Pinecone Research is now open to the residents of Germany that are at least 18 years old and ready to test new products before they hit the shelves and still get paid for them. If you meet that requirement all you have to do is join here to fill in your profile details

How Much Do You Make On Pinecones?

It all depends on how much time you have to avail yourself. Each survey is worth $3 (300 points. If you regularly fill out surveys and review products you will definitely not want to leave Pinecone Research.

Pinecone Research Points To Cash: How To Claim It?

You can redeem your points for an electronic transfer as soon as your account balance reaches the minimum threshold of $3. Each survey you complete is worth 300 points, which equates to a $3 prize. Cash or prizes can be exchanged for points. Before a product is released to the public, educate yourself on it. You can have an impact on what things are sold in stores.

Is Pinecone Research Safe And Legitimate?

Yes, Pinecone Research is safe and legitimate. Aside from Pinecone Research’s A+ BBB rating, Wikipedia states that “Nielsen employs roughly 44,000 people worldwide and is active in over 100 countries.” Incorporated in New York, the corporation is traded on the NASDAQ.

meet those requirements go ahead and sign up here.

How To Get Pinecone Research Invite

Sign up by clicking here, providing your information, and verifying your phone number via text message or phone call, and you will be able to start taking surveys right away. After being accepted, Pinecone Research will notify you through email whenever a survey becomes available.

How Much Does Pinecone Research Pay

Pinecone Research pays you 300 points which equates $3 for every survey you take through electronic bank transfers. You can get paid through an amazon gift card and a virtual Mastercard as well.

Pinecone Research Cash Option

The cash option available on Pinecone Research is electronic bank transfer, Amazon gift cards, and virtual Mastercard as the company has stopped paying through Paypal.

Is Pinecone Research Available In Quebec

Yes, Pinecone Research is available in Quebec. However, the signup age is in French and you will need to be a French-speaking person to be able to fill your profile form correctly. If you speak French you may sign up here and learn more about Pinecone Research in French here

Pinecone Research Login Failed

If you get an error message Pinecone Research login failed, it is probably because your caps lock key was on when you were typing the keywords or the Pinecone platform is under maintenance while you are trying to log in.

Is Pinecone Research Available In Canada

Yes, Pinecone Research is available in Canada, If you are based in Canada and at least 18 years old, you can become a member of Pinecone Research and test new products before they go on sale. Become a part of the creation of products you can buy and be compensated for it!


The response to the query “Is Pinecone Research Legit” is clear. The survey company is legit and safe. It is operated by the Nielson research company that operates in more than 100 countries worldwide.