How To Get Free Walmart Gift Cards(US Only)

Do you often wonder “how to get free Walmart gift cards”? In case you say YES, we know how you feel as it may not be as simple as you thought. In case you are confused by sweepstakes or giveaways popping up here and there, in this post, we will show you 3 ways to get a chance to grab one.

However, first things first,

What Is It Walmart?

Walmart Inc. is a worldwide retail firm with its headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas, that is based in the United States and operates a chain of superstores, cheap department stores, and grocery stores throughout the United States.

What Is Walmart Gift Card Used For?

To the extent that additional limitations do not apply, Walmart Gift Cards can be redeemed for merchandise in any Walmart or Sam’s Club location in the United States or Puerto Rico, as well as online at, at certain Murphy fuel stations in the US, and at

Customers may make purchases at brick-and-mortar establishments without having a traditional bank account if they have gift cards. A gift card may be used as a safe and secure method of payment both online and in-store.

How Do Walmart Gift Cards Work?

At the time of checking out online on the website make sure to enter the gift card / eGift card number and the associated PIN. In-store, show the cashier the barcode shown on your smart device or on your plastic card in order to redeem your Walmart card. You should keep the Walmart plastic card / eGift card as 1 of your payment choices to enjoy a lot of benefits from Walmart.

How Can I Get Cash From A Walmart Gift Card?

The most reliable and secure method for exchanging Walmart gift cards for cash is through Gameflip. Using Gameflip to turn unused Walmart gift cards into cash is the quickest and easiest way to do it. On Gameflip, you have the ability to sell any unused, prepaid, and non-reloadable gift cards that you have. On Gameflip, the most popular gift cards are those for Steam, PlayStation Network, Amazon, Xbox Live, iGoogle Play, and iTunes.

Can Walmart Gift Cards Be Used Anywhere?

You may shop wherever you like with your Walmart Visa Gift Card. The fifty (50) states of the US including the District of Columbia are the only locations that accept Visa debit cards. Puerto Rico and the other territories of the United States are not included in this acceptance network.

What Can You Use Walmart Cards For?

You are free to use the Capital One Walmart Rewards Mastercard for purchases at Walmart as well as any other establishment that accepts Mastercard payments. However, the Walmart Rewards card is only valid for its use in Walmart locations (Walmart Apps, Walmart stores, as well as Murphy US gas stations). You cannot make use of a Walmart rewards card for other transactions.

How To Get Free Shipping On Walmart

To get free shipping on Walmart if you live in the US, this is what you need to do:

  1. When you are on include in your shopping cart items with the tag “shipped by Walmart” on their individual pages. 
  2. Complete your online purchase by following the checkout instructions on the website. Even with a total below $35 you won’t be charged a shipping fee while checking out on the website.
  3. Walmart will be responsible for shipping your order to you.

How To Get Free Delivery From Walmart

To get free delivery from Walmart, make sure that you are making your purchase from the website and that everything you are buying has the tag “shipped by Walmart” on their page. In case your total purchase is $35 you still won’t pay any delivery fees.

How To Get Free Shipping At Walmart

You will get free shipping at Walmart, no matter the total cost of what you are buying from the website, if you pick only items with the tag “shipped by Walmart

How To Get Free Walmart Gift Cards In The US

Here are 3 chances to get a free Walmart gift card. To qualify to enter the giveaway you need to meet the following conditions:

How To Get Free Shipping From Walmart

If you want to take advantage of Walmart’s complimentary delivery service, you must first ensure that you are making your purchase through the website and that the products you are purchasing all bear the label “delivered by Walmart” on their respective sales pages. In the event that the sum of your purchases is $35 or more, you will not be responsible for paying any shipping fees.

How To Get Free Stuff From Walmart

Walmart enables suppliers to put up a sampling counter, generally in the food area, to distribute free samples. Free samples are used to introduce new items to buyers. Walmart partners with firms to deliver sales samples. If there are no samples at your nearest Walmart store, ask the customer service desk when they will arrive.

Get More Than A Free $500 Walmart Gift Card

To get more than a free $500 Walmart gift card you have to be a US resident and at least 18 years old to be able to enter the sweepstake. If you meet those conditions, you can enter here.