Gamefly Free Trial – How Does Gamefly Work

As video games have become part of our society, many gamers seek ways to play the latest games without breaking their wallets. GameFly, a prominent US game rental business, has offered a solution. This blog article will explain the GameFly free trial, answer the question “How does Gamefly Work”, and why it’s a game-changer for US players.

What Is GameFly?

GameFly is sometimes compared to Netflix, with the exception that it specializes in video games. It is a video game rental business that operates on a subscription basis and offers its members the ability to rent video games and have them delivered to their homes. Because GameFly’s vast catalog has games for a variety of gaming consoles, it is a platform that console gamers frequently turn to for their gaming needs.

How Does GameFly Work?

Here is how Gamefly works:

Choose Your Plan

GameFly offers multiple subscription plans, allowing gamers to select one that suits their gaming habits and budget. Subscribers can choose to rent 1, 2, or 3 games at a time.

Browse the Library

Once you’ve subscribed, you can start browsing through GameFly’s vast library, which includes games for popular consoles like PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo.

Add to Your Queue

Just like creating a watchlist on streaming services, you can add games to your GameQ, which is a list of games you’d like to rent. GameFly will send you the top available game from your list.

Receive and Play

GameFly mails the selected game(s) to your address, complete with a prepaid return envelope. This means you don’t need to worry about late fees or return shipping costs.

Play at Your Own Pace

There are no due dates or late fees, so you can enjoy the game(s) for as long as you like. Once you’re done, send it back, and the next one from your GameQ will be on its way.

Why GameFly is a Game-Changer

Here is why GameFly is transforming the gaming experience

Cost-Efficient Gaming

GameFly offers a cost-effective solution for gamers who don’t want to commit to purchasing every new release. By paying a monthly subscription fee, you can access and enjoy a vast selection of games without the hefty price tags.

Variety of Titles

With a library that covers a wide range of gaming genres and consoles, GameFly caters to diverse gaming preferences. Whether you’re into action, adventure, sports, or strategy games, you’re likely to find something that piques your interest.

No Rush, No Pressure

Unlike traditional game rentals or purchases, GameFly removes the pressure of completing a game quickly. You can savor the gaming experience at your own pace without worrying about late fees.

Try Before You Buy

GameFly allows you to try out games before deciding to invest in a purchase. If you end up loving a title, you can often find it for sale at a discounted price in GameFly’s used game store.


GameFly eliminates the need to visit physical stores or constantly download and uninstall games. The games are delivered to your doorstep, saving you time and effort.

How Long Does Gamefly Take To Ship?

The shipping time varies, but GameFly aims for 2-4 days. The actual delivery time depends on your location, postal service, and game availability. GameFly’s distribution centers are strategically located to expedite the process.

How Long Does It Take for Gamefly To Ship?

The shipping time for GameFly typically ranges from 2 to 4 days. However, it can vary depending on your location, postal service efficiency, and game availability. GameFly strategically places distribution centers across the US to expedite the shipping process and get your games to you as swiftly as possible.

How Long Does GameFly Take To Arrive?

GameFly’s arrival time largely aligns with its shipping duration, which averages 2 to 4 days. The exact timing depends on factors such as your proximity to distribution centers and the responsiveness of the postal service.

How Much Is GameFly Streaming?

FREE membership for a trial period of 30 days. Starting at $7.00 plus tax per month, the budget plan’s three-month introductory cost allows customers to check out one movie or game at a time. One game or movie can be checked out at a time for an introductory pricing of $11.50 plus tax for the first three months of service.

How Does GameFly Streaming Work?

GameFly Streaming operates through a game library accessible on compatible devices. After subscribing, you can select a game to stream, and it’s delivered in real-time over the internet. There’s no need to download or install the game; simply start playing, making it convenient for gamers looking for immediate access to a variety of titles.

How much does GameFly cost?

The first 30 days are on the company. For $7.00 plus tax per month during the first three months, you can check out a single video game or movie. For a limited time, get 1 game or movie every month for 3 months for only $11.50 + tax.

Is there a free trial available?

Yes, GameFly often offers a free trial period, allowing you to test the service before committing to a subscription. During the trial, you can experience the benefits of the service, such as adding games to your GameQ and receiving game rentals. The trial period typically lasts for 30 days.

How To Get GameFly Free Trial

To get Gamefly free trial all you have to do is to click here and follow the instructions on the website.

How quickly do games arrive after I add them to GameQ?

GameFly strives to provide efficient delivery services, with games typically shipped within 24 hours of adding them to your GameQ. However, the exact delivery time may vary depending on your location and the availability of the game you’ve requested. GameFly uses USPS for its game shipments.

Are there any late fees for keeping games too long?

One of the standout features of GameFly is that there are no late fees or due dates. You can keep the rented games for as long as you like without any additional charges. This flexibility allows you to immerse yourself in a game at your own pace and return it when you’re ready for a new one.

Can I purchase games I’ve rented from GameFly?

Yes, GameFly offers the option to purchase games you’ve rented at a discounted price through their used game store. If you find a game you love and want to keep it, this can be a cost-effective way to add it to your collection.

What consoles and platforms does GameFly support?

GameFly supports a wide range of gaming platforms and consoles, including:

PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5
Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S
Nintendo Switch
Wii U
Xbox 360
PlayStation 3
Please note that the availability of games for each platform may vary, and GameFly continues to expand its library to accommodate new releases and consoles.

Is GameFly available outside of the USA?

GameFly primarily operates in the United States, and its services are tailored to the US market. As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, the company did not offer international shipping. However, it’s a good idea to check their official website or contact their customer support for the most current information on their service area.

How does GameFly handle damaged or lost discs?

In the event that a rented game disc is damaged, lost, or doesn’t work properly upon arrival, GameFly provides prepaid return envelopes and encourages subscribers to contact their customer support for assistance. They will provide instructions on how to return the damaged or faulty game, and you will not be held responsible for the issue.

Can I keep a rented game and purchase another one?

Yes, you have the flexibility to both keep a rented game and purchase another one simultaneously. As long as you have an available slot in your subscription plan, you can keep a game for as long as you want while still having games in your GameQ sent to you. This allows you to switch between renting and owning games based on your preferences.

Is GameFly only for console gamers or PC gamers too?

GameFly is primarily known for its console game rentals, but it does have a digital game rental service for PC gamers called “GameFly Streaming.” With GameFly Streaming, you can play a selection of PC games by streaming them over the internet, similar to services like NVIDIA GeForce NOW or Google Stadia. This allows PC gamers to access a variety of titles without the need for high-end hardware.

Are there any additional benefits to subscribers?

GameFly offers a range of benefits to its subscribers, such as exclusive offers, access to the used game store, and the ability to earn rewards through its referral program. Additionally, subscribers receive free shipping for games sent to and from their addresses.

Can I cancel my GameFly subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your GameFly subscription at any time without incurring a cancellation fee. GameFly offers a no-commitment subscription, so you have the freedom to stop your service whenever you choose. It’s a straightforward process that can be done through your account settings on the GameFly website.

What is the quality of GameFly’s game selection?

GameFly boasts a vast and diverse library of games, which includes new releases, classics, and a variety of genres to cater to different gaming preferences. While the exact titles available can change over time, they generally maintain a well-rounded selection, making it an appealing choice for both casual and avid gamers.

How do I return a rented game to GameFly?

Returning a rented game to GameFly is hassle-free. The rental package includes a prepaid return envelope. Simply place the game disc in the envelope, seal it, and drop it in a mailbox. GameFly’s mailer is designed to protect the game during transit, so you don’t have to worry about damage while returning it.

Can I change my subscription plan with GameFly?

Yes, you have the option to change your GameFly subscription plan. GameFly allows subscribers to upgrade or downgrade their plans as needed. If you find that you want to rent more games at a time or reduce the number of games you receive, you can adjust your plan to suit your gaming habits. You can make these changes in your account settings on the GameFly website.

Are there any limits on how long I can keep a rented game?

GameFly does not impose any specific limits on how long you can keep a rented game. You can hold onto a game for as long as you like without incurring late fees or pressure to return it quickly. This flexibility allows you to savor and complete the game at your own pace.

How are pre-order games and popular releases handled?

GameFly typically allows subscribers to add pre-order games to their GameQ before they are officially released. However, the availability of popular and newly released games can sometimes be limited due to high demand. GameFly allocates a portion of its copies to subscribers on a first-come, first-served basis. It’s advisable to add highly anticipated games to your GameQ well in advance to increase your chances of receiving them upon release.

Is GameFly’s game library regularly updated?

Yes, GameFly makes efforts to update its game library regularly with new releases and popular titles. As new games become available, they are added to the GameFly catalog. This ensures that subscribers have access to a wide range of gaming options, from the latest releases to older classics.

What happens if I lose the prepaid return envelope?

If you happen to lose the prepaid return envelope, you can still return the rented game without incurring any additional costs. GameFly’s customer support can provide instructions on how to return the game without the envelope, ensuring a smooth return process.

Does GameFly offer any gift or trial subscriptions?

Yes, GameFly offers gift subscriptions, allowing you to share the gaming experience with friends and family. You can purchase gift subscriptions for a specific duration and number of games, making it a thoughtful present for fellow gamers. GameFly also provides trial subscriptions that you can gift to others, offering them a chance to explore the service.

Is GameFly suitable for families with multiple gamers?

GameFly can be an excellent choice for families with multiple gamers. Depending on the subscription plan chosen, you can have multiple games out at once, making it easy for each family member to enjoy their gaming choices without conflict. Additionally, GameFly’s diverse library caters to various gaming preferences, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

How are older console games availability handled?

GameFly makes an effort to maintain a library of games for a wide range of consoles, including older and less popular ones. While the availability of titles for these consoles may not be as extensive as for more current platforms, you can still find a selection of games to enjoy. If you’re specifically looking for games on less popular consoles, it’s a good idea to prioritize them in your GameQ to increase the chances of receiving them.

What is GameFly Streaming, and how does it work?

GameFly Streaming is a service that allows you to play PC games via streaming over the internet. Similar to services like NVIDIA GeForce NOW and Google Stadia, GameFly Streaming eliminates the need for high-end gaming hardware. It’s particularly convenient for those who want to experience PC gaming without the necessity of a powerful gaming PC. You can check GameFly’s website for more information about the specific games available through GameFly Streaming.

How does GameFly handle damaged game discs during shipment or gameplay?

If you receive a damaged or unplayable game disc from GameFly, you can contact their customer support for assistance. They will provide instructions on how to return the damaged game and receive a replacement. GameFly is committed to ensuring that subscribers receive playable copies of the games they rent.

Can I rent games from GameFly if I live in a remote or rural area?

GameFly offers its services to various regions within the United States. However, delivery times may vary depending on your location. In some remote or rural areas, the delivery might take longer than in urban areas. GameFly uses the United States Postal Service (USPS) to ship games, so it’s advisable to consider potential delivery times when subscribing.

How do I manage my GameQ, and can I change the order of the games in the queue?

You can manage your GameQ through your GameFly account. You can add and remove games, as well as change the order of the games in your queue. Changing the order of games in your GameQ allows you to prioritize which games you’d like to receive first when a slot becomes available.

Can I buy GameFly gift cards for friends or family members?

Yes, GameFly offers gift cards that you can purchase and give to friends or family members as a convenient way to introduce them to the service. These gift cards come in various denominations, allowing the recipient to redeem them for a specific subscription plan.

Are there any rewards or loyalty programs for GameFly subscribers?

GameFly offers a referral program that allows you to earn rewards by referring friends to the service. When a referred friend becomes a paying subscriber, you and your friend can both receive a reward, typically in the form of a free month of GameFly subscription. This program provides an opportunity to save on your subscription costs and share the gaming experience with others.

What is GameFly’s policy on releasing games on different platforms?

GameFly typically releases games for various platforms simultaneously, following the game’s official release date. However, the availability of specific games for certain platforms may vary due to demand and allocation. It’s a good idea to add the games you’re interested in into your GameQ early to increase your chances of receiving them upon release.

Can I access GameFly’s services on my mobile device or smartphone?

GameFly offers a mobile app that allows subscribers to manage their GameQ, browse games, and make changes to their subscriptions on the go. This mobile app provides added convenience for GameFly subscribers who want to stay updated and make adjustments to their gaming preferences from their mobile devices.

What is GameFly’s policy regarding multiplayer or online features in rented games?

Most rented games from GameFly include access to multiplayer and online features, just like if you were to purchase the game. However, it’s important to check the specific details for each game, as some titles may require a separate subscription or online pass for multiplayer features, which is not included in the GameFly rental.

Is GameFly a good option for collectors looking for pristine game boxes and manuals?

GameFly’s primary focus is on providing game discs for rental, and the packaging may not always include original game boxes and manuals. While the game discs themselves are well-maintained, collectors looking for pristine packaging and manuals might prefer purchasing games individually.

How does GameFly handle multiplayer games or games with limited-time events?

GameFly allows subscribers to enjoy multiplayer games and participate in limited-time events just like they would with purchased copies of the game. However, it’s important to be aware that some games may require additional subscriptions or in-game purchases for certain online features or events. Before renting a game with a limited-time event, it’s a good idea to check whether there are any extra requirements.

What happens if a game becomes damaged while I’m playing it?

If you experience any issues with a rented game, such as it becoming damaged during gameplay, GameFly’s customer support is ready to assist you. They will provide instructions on how to return the damaged game and replace it with a working copy. GameFly is dedicated to ensuring that subscribers have a smooth gaming experience.

Are there any additional costs, such as shipping fees, when using GameFly?

GameFly provides subscribers with free shipping for both the delivery of games and the return of rented games. This means you won’t encounter any additional shipping costs as part of your subscription. GameFly’s service is designed to be all-inclusive, making it straightforward and cost-effective for subscribers.

Can I rent new releases, or are they often unavailable due to high demand?

GameFly makes efforts to make new releases available to subscribers as they become officially released. However, the availability of new releases can vary based on demand. To improve your chances of receiving a new release promptly, it’s recommended to add it to the top of your GameQ, ensuring it’s one of the first games shipped when available.

How can I contact GameFly’s customer support for assistance?

You can contact GameFly’s customer support through various methods, including email and phone. Detailed contact information and a customer support portal are available on the GameFly website, making it easy to reach out for any inquiries, issues, or assistance you may need.

Can I keep track of my rental history with GameFly?

GameFly provides a rental history feature for subscribers, allowing you to keep track of the games you’ve rented over time. This feature can be useful for those who want to keep records of their gaming experiences and past rentals.

How does GameFly handle pre-owned games in its library?

GameFly offers pre-owned games in addition to new releases. These pre-owned games are typically available at a lower rental cost than new releases, making it a budget-friendly option for subscribers. GameFly ensures that pre-owned games are in good playable condition before sending them to subscribers.

Does GameFly offer any content warnings or ratings for games?

GameFly provides information on the content rating of games in its library. This information is typically based on official ratings from organizations like the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) and may include content warnings or age recommendations, allowing subscribers to make informed choices about the games they rent.

How does GameFly handle game patches, updates, and downloadable content (DLC)?

GameFly’s service includes the main game disc or cartridge, but any additional content, such as patches, updates, or DLC, are not typically included. Subscribers may need to download these additional materials directly from the console’s online store or service, following the game’s installation.

Is there a limit to how many times I can rent a specific game from GameFly?

GameFly generally allows subscribers to rent the same game multiple times, depending on its availability in their library. If a particular game is in high demand, it may be placed in a “Short Wait” status, temporarily limiting its availability for re-rental.

How does GameFly handle game rentals for portable consoles?

GameFly offers games for portable consoles like the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch. Subscribers can rent physical game cartridges for these platforms and enjoy gaming on the go. The process for renting and returning games for portable consoles is similar to other platforms.

Are there any restrictions in the USA?

GameFly’s game rental service is generally available throughout the United States. However, the availability of specific games and delivery times may vary based on your location. GameFly uses USPS to deliver games, so the service extends to a wide range of regions within the country.

Can I change my mailing address while using GameFly’s services?

Yes, you can update your mailing address in your GameFly account settings. This feature allows you to maintain access to the service, even if you move to a new location. Make sure to update your address to ensure the seamless delivery of games to your new residence.

How long does it take to deliver games to subscribers?

The time it takes for GameFly to deliver games to subscribers may vary depending on your location and the availability of the game in their distribution centers. In general, it typically takes a few days for most subscribers to receive their game rentals, with many receiving them within 2 to 4 business days. GameFly aims to provide efficient and prompt delivery services.

Does GameFly offer any protection against loss?

GameFly provides a prepaid return envelope with each game rental shipment. It’s important to ensure that you use this return envelope, as it not only facilitates the return of games but also includes tracking and protection against lost or stolen shipments. If a game shipment goes missing during the return process, GameFly can often resolve the issue without additional charges to the subscriber.

Are there any restrictions on the number of games?

GameFly does not typically impose strict limits on the number of games you can add to your GameQ. However, the availability of games may vary based on demand and the number of slots in your subscription plan. You can add as many games to your GameQ as you want, and they will be automatically sent to you based on availability and the order you’ve specified.

Does GameFly offer any promotions or discounts for long-term subscribers?

GameFly occasionally runs promotions and discounts for its subscribers, both new and long-term. These promotions may include reduced subscription fees, special offers, or free trial extensions. Staying updated with GameFly’s newsletters or visiting their website can help you take advantage of these discounts.

How can I access GameFly Streaming?

GameFly Streaming is a separate service from the standard game rental service. To access GameFly Streaming, you typically need to sign up for the streaming service separately. It may not be included in all GameFly subscription plans, so be sure to check the specific details on their website to see if it’s available to you.

Does GameFly provide any educational resources?

GameFly primarily focuses on providing game rentals, and while they offer information on game ratings and content, they do not typically provide educational resources or reviews. To get more information about specific games, you may want to look at reviews and game descriptions on gaming websites, forums, or social media.


GameFly is revolutionizing American gaming. It’s ideal for gamers who want to try out new games without breaking the bank due to its economical, convenient, and wide selection. GameFly provides something for everyone, from advanced gamers to beginners. For US gamers wanting to reinvent their gaming experience, GameFly may be the key to a world of gaming activities.

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