Forget About $100 Free Cash App Money – Do This Instead

After 3 days of research, we realized that most “$100 free cash app money” strategies are time-consuming and do not even work. They make you fill out long forms, download apps, and even ask you to put your credit cards on file or pay for new deals only for them not to ever get back to you or say you do not qualify.

We are very sure this is not what you want.


In a nutshell, they waste your time.

What if you could use that time to earn $25 per hour providing live Assistance services to companies no matter where you live in the US and the time you choose to do it?

You see, money won’t magically appear in your Cash App accounts if you don’t do anything valuable. No matter where you are from, if you are willing to solve problems you can easily make more money online and even get tipped for a better service.

What Is $100 Free Cash App Money 

$100 Free Cash app money is a program run by Cashlot that promises to deposit either $100, $300, or $500 Cash app into your account in case you win their game after downloading different apps and completing new deals.

Is Free Cash App Money Legit        

No, it is not. As per our findings, most people who downloaded Cashlot and followed their instructions never won anything. In fact, those who paid for in-apps new deals never got their money back. This is what a Cashlot user is saying on Trustpilot

Downloaded all the apps it asked me too! Did 5 when your supposed to only do 2 supposedly and nothing!!! No payout! And I even paid money for some of the apps thinking I would get it right back and no.


Are you smart enough? Can You Complete Level 5

Let’s read more reviews,

Trustpilot Reviews On CashLot

It makes sense to learn from other people’s experiences before you embark on a new program. CashLot got 3 stars reviews on TrusPilot. Check out the screenshot below

Fact On $100 Free Cash App Money

Nobody will give you money for free. In other words, money will not just pop up in your Cash app account for playing games without you doing anything. You can only earn money online by solving problems, providing value, services to companies, and much more.

How To Get Free Cash App Money 

Instead of looking for how to get free Cash app money, why not find a way to monetize your time and get paid for providing live chat assistance services? Free Cash app money is not real. It is a scam.

Free Cash App Money Legit No Human Verification

There is no legit way you can earn Cash app money free. Furthermore without you verifying you are a human. If there is one, the entity behind definitely wants to get your details to display ads to you in the future.

Free Cash App Money 2023     

No one should expect to receive money for nothing. To put it another way, you won’t automatically receive payment for playing games. Solving issues, giving value, or offering services to businesses is one of the ways to make money online.

Free Cash App Money No Surveys       

If you do not want to fill out any surveys to get money in your Cash app, you will need to offer a service and get tipped. The best place to be tipped is Fiverr.

How To Make Free Cash App Money

Nobody is going to give you money for free. In other words, money will not appear in your Cash app account simply because you play games. You can only make money online by solving problems, adding value, providing services to businesses, and much more.

Free Cash App Money No Survey

Do not deceive yourself. There is nothing like free Cash app money without a survey. True survey companies only pay when you spend a lot of time filling out their forms.

Win Free Cash App Money

There is no quick and easy way to get cash through the Cash app. Either you are rewarded for the value or services you give online, or you get taken advantage of by those making false promises.

Free Cash App Money No Verification

You cannot legitimately get cash from the Cash app for nothing. Plus, without your proving that you are a human being. If there is, the people or businesses behind it want your information so they can target you with adverts.

Instant Free Cash App Money

There is no instant free Cash app money. Either you get paid for offering value or services online or you get scammed for fake promises.

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