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Decathlon UK built its first outlet in 1999 at Surrey Quays, London, with the intention of encouraging more people in the UK to participate in sports and other forms of physical activity. Since then, the retailer has evolved into a comprehensive multi-channel shopping experience, which now includes over 40 outlets that were purpose-built just for its brand around the United Kingdom.

If you are interested in knowing about Decathlon UK, discount code returns policy, or voucher giveaways, this post is made for you.

About Decathlon

Shopping at Decathlon, a 1976-founded family business is an investment in the notion that the best sporting goods should be affordable to everyone. Decathlon’s products, which range from pre-assembled bikes to all-weather tents, are known for their high performance and low cost.

Because they place an emphasis on product quality over name recognition, anyone with a computer and an internet connection may use their catalog, which is available both in-store and online.

Who Owns Decathlon UK

Michel Leclercq, the French billionaire is the owner and the creator of Decathlon worldwide including Decathlon UK. He owns 40% of the company’s share. Decathlon is a French store that specializes in athletic products. Keep in mind that it is the largest athletic goods retailer in the world, with more than 1,697 locations spread out over 60 nations and regions.

What Sports Are In The Decathlon

The 10-event competition, which takes place over the course of two days, is designed to be a comprehensive test of athleticism. It includes the whole spectrum of sports events. The first day’s events are as follows (in order): the 100-meter dash, the shot put, the long jump, as well as the 400-meter dash. The events for the second day are the 1500-meter run, the pole vault, the discus throw, plus the 110-meter hurdles.

How Many Events In Decathlon

There are 10 events in total in Decathlon.

What Are The 10 Events In The Decathlon

1st day, 100-metre dash, shot put, running long (broad) jump, 400-metre run, high jump. For the 2nd day, 110-metre hurdles, pole vault, javelin throw, discus throw, and 1,500-metre run.

£1k And £500 Vouchers Giveaways

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When Does Decathlon Restock UK

Decathlon UK restocks based on the production from China. If the production is not enough, this may affect items’ availability in stores in the Uk.

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Decathlon Voucher Code

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Decathlon Voucher: What Is It?

A Decathlon voucher is a transaction certificate from Decathlon with a fixed monetary value. It can be redeemed at any of the Decathlon 47 stores in the UK or online at

Decathlon Discount Code

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Decathlon Returns: How Long?

Decathlon UK allows you to return any unwanted items within the first thirty days after the date of purchase provided that you have the receipt or other evidence of purchase.