Debt Relief: How To Go About It Without Being Scammed

Are you looking for “debt relief” because you are experiencing difficulty paying your debts? Are you receiving frustrating notifications from lenders? Have they just transferred your account to debt collectors? Are you concerned about forfeiting your car or your house? You’re not the only one. This guide is here to help by saving you hours or research online. Before, I go further let’s try to grasp some basic notions.


What Is A Debt?

Debt is a financial obligation that one party owes to another. Debt is utilized by many businesses and individuals to acquire goods and services that they would otherwise be unable to afford. Borrowing money with interest is permitted under the terms of a debt agreement, which is typically mutually agreed upon by both parties.

What Is A Debt Relief?

Debt relief refers to the rearrangement of debt in whatsoever form in order to offer the obligated party a sense of breathing, either entirely or partially, from the burden of debt. In order to obtain debt relief, a variety of options are available, including decreasing the outstanding principal amount ( partially or completely), dropping the interest on the loans that are payable, and prolonging the period of the debt, along with many other things.

5 Best Debt Relief Programs

In the event, you need to talk to one of the best debt relief programs in 2021, because you are confused about how to settle your arrears, do not worry. I have you covered! Based on research, these are the best debt relief programs in 2021 you should go for:

1. National Debt Relief (For all types of debt)

National debt relief has been around for more than a decade and has helped a lot of debtors to pay off their debts in lesser amounts than they owe. You do not have anything to deposit before the process starts with the debt management plan they provide you. They have an A+ BBB rating The only issue here is that they do not accept debts of less than $7,500. They do not accept mortgages either. Their fees are between 18 – 25%.

2. Accredited Debt Relief (For Debt Settlement)

Since its inception in 2011, Accredited Debt Relief has worked to provide multiple options to households in debt relief needs. Based on its demonstrated results and performance in debt settlement of at least $10,000, it is the ideal choice for this kind of debt although they do not provide you with any debt management plan. It has the potential to reduce your indebtedness by as much as half. Keep in mind that pricing is not always clear and transparent. There are variations in their fees.

3. DMB Financial (For Credit Cards Debts)

When it comes to dealing with high-interest credit card debt, DMB Financial is the ideal option because of its focus on helping clients consolidate their obligations into a single, cheaper payment by providing you with a debt management plan. The company was created in 2003. Debt consolidation is their specialty, and they can help you pay off your debts for less money than you owe. Despite the fact that they provide an initial assessment with no strings attached, you can’t get a sense of how much their programs will cost you online. There are variations in their fees.

4. New Era Debt Solutions

Since its inception in 1999, New Era Debt Solutions has assisted customers in resolving over $250 million in debt. It has a staff of attorneys on hand to ensure that everything is done in accordance with state and federal law, providing customers confidence in the work done. They do not provide debt management plans. There are no consultation fees or month-to-month administration expenses. All of their services are done in-house; however, they are not available in all states or towns. There are variations in their fees.

In operation since 2000, CuraDebt offers free consultations to individuals interested in its debt-relief solutions. CuraDebt, unlike other debt reduction firms, specializes in helping those who owe unpaid taxes to get tax debt relief. Only in Hollywood, Florida, can you get a free consultation from them.

In addition to its conventional debt settlement solutions, this company offers a new option that can help people get out of debt by repaying less than the owed amount. A variety of debt-reduction and tax-relief schemes are available with them. Learn more in this Curadebt Reviews

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Debt Settlement: What Is It?

Debt settlement, sometimes known as “debt relief,” is the practice of resolving bad debt for significantly lower than the current amount owed by suggesting to the lender a meaningful fixed amount in payment. It offers might range from 10% to 50% of what you owe, depending on the circumstances. The lender is allowed to accept or reject the debt settlement offer.

Individuals can negotiate their debt settlement on their own or pay a debt settlement company to handle it for them. If you are using a debt settlement company, keep in mind that you’ll pay a fee at a percentage of your incurred debt. The company is not allowed to impose this fee until it has cleared your obligation, according to the law. Fees range from 20% to 25% on average.

Credit Card Debt Relief

Credit card debt relief is an arrangement between you or your settlement company and your Credit card lender to suggest a lump sum for the reduction of your credit card debt. The best companies for credit card debt relief you should check out include DMB Financial, Accredited, etc

Tax Debt Relief

If you find it hard to pay your tax obligation, the government offers tax debt relief. Payment plans and settlements from the IRS will enable you to pay far less than the entire amount of your tax burden.
There are times when tax debt relief sounds plausible when you are unable to pay your tax because of unexpected financial difficulty.

In the wake of a natural catastrophe, such as a storm or tsunami, you may be able to gain from it. Tax debt relief may be an option if your tax bill is unusually huge and you know it is beyond your financial capacities. 

Government Debt Relief Programs

There are a lot of government debt relief programs you can leverage when things get tough. You will find many of them that are still available in 2022 below. Remember that no government debt relief program for credit card debts.

1. Loan Forgiveness For Public Employees

You may also be qualified for public service debt forgiveness if you are a nurse or EMT who works in a government hospital, or a fireman or first aid worker. If you complete all of the requirements listed over 10 years. you will be eligible to have your outstanding student loan debt erased

2. IRS Fresh Start Program

The government has measures in place to alleviate the terrible burden of tax debt. If you’ve fallen far behind on federal income taxes, the IRS has established the Fresh Start program, a series of regulation changes that make it significantly easier to repay the government. One component of Fresh Start simplifies the process of repaying numerous years of past taxes through a government debt reduction program called an Installment Agreement. The other part of Fresh Start simplifies the process of utilizing the government’s Offer in Compromise tax debt settlement program.

3. Public Service Loan Forgiveness

At last, if you are a public hospital nurse or EMT, or a fireman or first responder, you may be qualified for public service debt forgiveness. Your outstanding student loan amount may be erased if you follow all of the procedures outlined over the period of ten years.

4. Student Loan Disability Discharge

In the event you are a student and permanently handicapped, you may potentially be eligible for a TPD which means a Permanent Disability Discharge. There are a number of prerequisites, but if you meet all of them, you may be discharged from your whole student loan amount.

What To Check For In A Debt Relief Company

Choosing a reliable debt relief company takes study and deliberation. Before casting judgment, you’ll want to investigate the following aspects of each organization.

1. Time Doing Business

The key to debt relief is a company’s track record and its ability to negotiate effectively. Working with a firm that has been in business for a lengthy period of time demonstrates a close working relationship with creditors.  A firm’s experience can be critical in obtaining the most favorable settlements for clients.

2. Debt Relief Company Customer reviews

Reviews may give significant information into the level of service provided by a debt settlement company. Ensure that the debt relief organization you choose has a track record of successfully resolving debts.

3. Avoid Any Company That Requires Upfront Fees

Honest relief companies will not ask you to pay some fees upfront if they really care about helping you. Therefore, you want to only go for a company that is willing to be paid based on results. Also, ascertain the actual fees charged by a debt settlement organization. You do not want to be trapped in an unaffordable contract

4. Customer Service Availability And Honesty

Customer service employees at a really credible debt settlement firm are prepared, willing, and able to answer inquiries concerning the debt relief procedure and associated expenses. Avoid firms that supply only ambiguous or imprecise responses. Debt settlement may take between two and five years, so selecting a business that is sympathetic and simple to contact can make the process much less stressful.

5. Personnel who have been trained

A reputable debt relief organization should employ debt counselors who are qualified and certified in debt settlement. They should take the time to get to know you and your financial circumstances, and then assist you to devise a strategy for dealing with your financial woes. Counseling sessions take around an hour and a half, with the option of additional sessions if necessary.

6. Should Be A Member Of AFCC

The American Fair Credit Council (AFCC) is a leading trade organization for the debt settlement sector. Conduct a search for a company’s affiliation with the AFCC. “The AFCC requires all members to adhere to a rigid code of conduct,” Fox explains. “Also, debt settlement firms may join only if they adhere to all applicable Federal Trade Commission requirements.” Another professional business body that accredits debt settlement companies is the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators.

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