750 Cash app scam is a method some bandits are using to blast Americans with the text message “$750 Cash-App-Transfer is pending your confirmation” as in the screenshot below so as to hack their cash app accounts when they click on their phishing link and go away with their money.


This is totally different from the National Consumer Center and the Rewards Giant’s reward program that gives you a chance to receive a $750 Cash app if you qualify.

What Is 750 Cash App Then?

750 Cash app is a program generally known as a sweepstake in CPA marketing organized by different rewards programs like NCC, Rewards giant cash app to give the participants a chance to receive $750 in their Cash app accounts if they qualify. The requirements include being a US resident, at least 18 years old, and meeting some particular number of purchases through their partners.

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Reward Zone USA $750 Cash App: What Is It?

Reward Zone USA $750 Cash app is the same NCC, Rewards Vaults, or RewardsGiant program that will recompense you for saying your opinions on the products you use, getting deals, playing games, and much more. This is not related to the elusive 750 cash app from the bandits on social media.

Is Reward Zone Legit

Of course, Reward Zone is perfectly legit since it is a rewarding company that compensates you for your opinions, better deals, watching video ads, playing games from its partners, and much more. In other words, it is only when you are rewarded, they make money.

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750 Cash App Rewards: What is it?

750 Cash app rewards is one of the sweepstakes from the National Consumer Center also known as Rewards Vaults or RewardsGiant, which offers you the possibility to get a $750 cash app after completing your best deals, surveys, playing games, and much more. Your odds of getting the money depend on how well you qualify. Watch the video above to learn more.

Is 750 cash app reward real

Yes,750 cash app reward is real even though some underinformed bloggers on this topic are misleading you to drive traffic to their blogs. I wonder why they do not tell you that 750 Cash app includes 2 different scenarios:


  • There are rewards companies like The NCC, GiantRewards organizing $750 Cash app sweepstakes, whereby after answering a few survey questions and completing some deals through their program you may qualify to get a $750 in your Cash app account.
  • The 2nd scenario is about the 750 Cash app scam where scammers blast American’s phone numbers with text messages saying “$750 Cash-App-Transfer is pending your confirmation”. Please see the screenshot below from Reddits and Quora for further details.

Now let me ask you, between the 2 scenarios which one is a scam? It is obvious that it is the second one.

Free Cash App Money Legit

In the event you are wondering if free Cash app money is legit, let me say nobody will send you money for nothing. Even if it is to win the Cash app giveaway, you still have to do something like having a Cash app account, being at least 18 years old, and filling up the form with your accurate information.

If someone is pledging to send you money through a text message, a spamming email, it is likely a scam. Watch out!

Is Cash App Free money real?

If you are referring to Cash app giveaways, yes, Cash app free money is real as Cash app does give money to its users on social media free. Keep in mind that the giveaway happens once in a while. Your chances of winning depend on how well you meet its eligibility criteria.

Maybe you want to know,

How to Get $500 On Cash app

Follow this step to get $500 On Cash app free

  1. Refer your family and friends to Cash app and get $5 per person
  2. Enter the $500 Cash app sweepstakes from YouSweeps
  3. Sign up with InboxDollars and get paid in Cash app
  4. Enter the 750 Cash app sweepstakes to get more than $500 Cash app


Is $750 Cash App reward real or fake?

$750 Cash app reward is real despite the fact that there are a bunch of fake ones out there that come from scams. So, how do you know that a 750 cash app reward is fake?

  • When you did not apply for any $750 cash app reward
  • and you are receiving a text message from a yahoo account saying “750USD Cash*App requires your confirmation”
  • or they are asking you to click a link in a text message
  • or you are to send a small payment to get the rewards

NB: the best thing you can do when you notice any of this, is to delete the message if possible block the sender immediately.


Is the $750 Cash App Legit Or A Scam?

In the event, you are wondering “is the 750 cash app legit or a scam” let me tell you that it is legit. As mentioned before, this is a reward program to enable you to try some products free, say your opinions on them, and make your monthly purchases through the merchants in the program. How is that not legit?

The best advice I can give you is not to send money to anyone you do not know. Do not pay anything ahead of delivery.

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What of,

$750 cash app instagram

The 750 Cash app happening on Instagram with messages like $750 Cash-App-Transfer is pending your confirmation are fake. If someone is promising to send you $750 cash app you should reply by asking “what for?”. If you didn’t provide any value, then watch out, as you are about to be duped.

How Can You Get 750 Cash App In Your Account Fast?


To stand a chance to get 750 Cash App gift card in your account fast you need to meet:

A- The following conditions:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be a US resident
  • meet the purchase requirement (Check the note)
  • Enter the reward program

B- do the Following on the reward site:

  • enter your primary details and reply to a few survey questions before you can continue.
  • try new monthly products, download some of the best entertainement apps and complete 10 deals
  • Request for your 750 Cash app reward when you qualify.

Note: Keep in mind that you can complete the 10 deals in a day. The purchase requirement we are talking about here is about spending money on the things you can get good deals on. When you qualify and submit a request for a reward, it will take the sweepstakes organizers 2 to 3 weeks to confirm and release your reward.

Cash App Card 750 Rewards

Cash app card 750 rewards are not from Cash app but it doesn’t have to. Why? Just because it is a reward program that can be organized by a rewarding company based on some conditions. This is a sweepstake that is not different from a contest.

Just that here, you have to meet the purchase requirements. It means you need to buy the things you normally buy every month at a discounted price or accept some trial offers 10 times before you qualify.

If you qualify, you can submit a request for your rewards.

Please do not mix the 750 cash app reward program with cash app scams in which fraudsters are sending text messages saying “$750 Cash-App-Transfer is pending your confirmation”. They have nothing to do with each other. Another sweepstake you can try is the $500 Cash app sweepstake from Yousweeps.

What They Do Not Tell You About 750 Cash App

The truth about the 750 Cash app is that you need to meet its requirement to qualify. The main requirement here is to make your normal purchases through the program to enjoy some good deals, trial offers, and much more.


Some people believe it is a scam because the sweepstake’s banner image says “get $750 to your cash app account”. But what they forget is that the organizer, NCC clearly stated on the banner “Purchase required”. If you have not carried out the expected number of purchases from their partners, you won’t qualify. Tell me, how this is a scam.

In case you do not know, currently, these are the popular types of Cash app scams: a- flipping a small amount of money with a big one with a stranger b- Mimicking Cash customer care to hack account c- Requesting for payment for non-existent items on classified sites like Craiglist …

If you do not like the fact that you have to complete 10 deals or answer a few surveys questions to qualify for 750 cash app, I have a solution for you.


Three 750 Cash App Alternatives To Try

With these three 750 Cash app alternatives, I can guaranty you that you won’t have any deal to complete or surveys to fill.

1. Enter $500 Cash app Sweepstakes

$500 Cash app is also a sweepstake available for US residents only. Fortunately, you do not need any purchase requirement or fill any survey to qualify. Make sure that

  • You are at least 18 years old
  • a US resident
  • Submit your email to get a chance to win $500 to your Cash app

2. Get A Chance To Win $100 Target Gift Card

You can get a chance to grab a 100 Target gift card as long as you are from the US and older than 18 years.

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3. Enter to win a $1000 Bank of America Platinum Gift Card.

Do you use Bank Of America services? If you don’t, no worries. Click here to enter and increase your odds of winning $1000 Bank Of America Platinum Gift Card


750 Cash app is a legit reward program that pays you to try new products, say your opinions, and get good deals on your regular purchases. You are rewarded after verification and a particular number of purchases through the program. It has nothing to do with the defrauding text messages sent out to swindle innocents Americans out of 1000s of Dollars.


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